Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Picture It #2

2002 Ghost Photo

Some of you have commented on my Lunapic edits are different than yours. Above is one click edit in ART/Landscape. I never use one click. I use the slider at the top, dragging it until I like it, click adjust.

The next step is to use Sharpen under the Adjust to top left of the page, under adjust I use any or many of the choices, like the lighting, the colors, the levels, all have sliders. Contrast is one I use to. after each adjustment, be sure to click the adjust above the photo or it doesn't save for you to go forward.  NOTE: try all the things across the top. that is what I am doing a little each week.

This one I used under adjust, the Color Spotting, under adjust. Simply click the color you want to keep and it makes it monotone and leaves only the one color. if you don't like it go up to Edit and click undo last action and try again.... I love Lunapic almost as much as PicMonkey...Cheap Entertainment for me.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Picture It...#1

My very first ghost photo, 2002 combining 2 photos.
Picture This... a 1997 Computer, Windows 95 operating system. My very first home computer. No Interenet. I used it like a word processor, for typing up the Sunday School lessons I taught.

This sail boat was way out in the gulf, I used my zoom to take a photo, and added it to a water view
2002, I purchase my first digital Kodak Easy Share, 3 MP camera and a CD called Picture it. My life changed forever. These two photos were created using Picture It and merging two photos into one. I called them Ghost Pictures. Now I use Photoshop or PicMonkey to merge and it is much easier.

2017 edit using Lunapic

Monday, July 24, 2017

Sleeping Naturally

"sleeping comes so naturally, we could do it with our eyes closed"

Heloo, My name is Sandra Madsnapper, yes, I did Pip My hubby and our dog with my Samsung Tablet.

A better post title might be..................What CNN does to man and beast.....brahahaha...

Sleep? there's a nap for that!
If you get paid to be in a sleep study at the sleep clinic, are you getting paid for your dream job?
Bye Now... sleep in heavenly peas..