Monday, November 20, 2017

Ringling Favorites

As we stepped into this room, I walked straight to one of the photos and stood staring. I said to Lola, finally a time I recognize. These are all paintings from George Washing Era and sure enough they were all from the 1700-1800 era. The other rooms were centuries old. I could tell by the clothing and faces.

This one I looked at for a long time, all the men were in black, the lady in white and she jumped out of the painting with white light. I wish I could have captures the glitter of her white dress. Sadly I forgot to check the name of the painting

Below is my favorite and the first one I went to in this room. Doesn't he look like a 1777 James Bond with a slight resemblance to my hubby Bob????

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Sunday Phunday

Sunday Phunday or ME ME ME... whatever Sandra... Bob just can't take a decent photo of me. He cuts of feet and head or is so far away I can't be identified, also he makes me look fat and wrinkled.

I know it is HIM....Has to be, since it can't be ME.
Top pic I sat the Coolpix on the kitchen chair.. . on a chair in yard... on the table...on counter top....

This started at a TOPS meeting when someone said we need before/after photos.

My after is still to be taken.   The only reason I have a double chin is I WAS LOOKING DOWN.. got it? repeat after me. She Was Looking Down...

Can any of you who know me well, guess where Bob and I went for Saturday PHUNDAY? two hints below..... and this was my 9th time to go there, Comes every November. and coming soon to a blog near you will be lots of ??????????

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Holiday Fishes

YES, Virginia, I do KNOW it is NOT even Thanksgiving. But I got an email from PicMonkey and HAD TO PLAY... I created all of these from watching this Cool Tips Nobody Knows  video on how to use draw and overlays. 15 tips I did not know... and woo hoo PM has added Christmas stickers in overlays....

Hope you enjoyed your break from Ringling Musum pics