Friday, January 19, 2018

"Ring" in the New Year

I had to "ring" in the new year.

The ring on your right has been my wedding band for the past 20 years. the narrow one is my new ring and is only 2 mm narrower than the old one. Also 2 sizes smaller. (my body lost 4 sizes, the fingers only 2, whaz up with that?)

The lost of 53 pounds (24 kilograms) caused the ring to fall off my finger. I love this ring and have worn it for more than 20 years.

The day after Christmas I purchased a ring CHEAP at 70 % off sale and hated it. THIN silver.
(weight loss must cause brain cell loss also, because I forgot to take a photo of the ugly, thin ring, plus WHY did I buy something I don't like???)

Google research revealed the need for the silver to be ..925 Sterling. HELOOOO Amazon!

YAY! I had so many to choose from, all very similar, it took me DAYS to decide.

YAY! again, when it came it was exactly as pictured and I LOVE IT! 

YAY! the old one fits  3 other fingers....

Those of you who know me well, know that I can't take ONE photo of anything. Below are a few of the 39 photos I took of the two rings.

YES! it took 73 years to make that many wrinkles. I came close to photo shopping them out, but WHY? Thank goodness I wear clothes to cover all the OTHER wrinkles. Should I wear gloves and the old ring would fit over the glove???? 

Now I wonder why I want to wear a ring and call attention to the wrinkles. Does it really matter if people know I am married?  should I buy an ankle bracelet to point out the varicose veins?

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Not Friday - Not Fiction

For the first time ever I intended to Join Final Friday Fiction Blog hop

The writing prompt is Take a book - any book, a different one each month - and go to page 87; take a word or phrase from each of lines 8, 12 and 16. Write up to 500 words of fiction.

I have no books, I am Kindle E-reader only.

The choice of a book in my house was either my Bible or Dr. Atkins New Diet which is not new since it was printed in 1992 which is when I purchased it.

I chose Atkins to find my prompts and chose to write a poem using these phrases.

Dr Akins New diet by Dr. Atkins, page 87, line 8 I'll explain, line 12 proved wrong yet and line 16 will have stabilized.
I sit, straining my brain
I feel real pain as I strain.
I'll explain.
I am trying to write "on demand"
I really don't think that I "can".
I'll explain.
Since I have never been proved wrong yet,
I can't even make a bet
That I can write on demand.
I fear this could lead to my demise,
I am trying to write and be wise.
Suddenly I realize I will click 'publish'
and I will have stabilized....

After writing this, I realized the rules said must be FICTION. OOPS! the old brain was really strained.  Not Friday, Not Final Friday, Not Fiction... Just a silly poem on Thursday.

I left the link to Final Friday  in case some of you with a brain want to join on the last Friday of the Month.
P.S.   I am at my Tops Meeting which means Take Off Pounds Sensibly and I am wondering if the diet thing is removing brain cells and I need to go BACK to my SUGAR addiction.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Don't Drink and Drive

Giving you a break from madly chatting on Almost Wordless Wed.
State Trooper demonstrating what happens in a roll over. This is a simulation, Just So You Know
UPDATE after 6 comments. Trooper said this is what can happen without wearing seat belts.