Thursday, October 19, 2017

Hawk Tale

Bob was walking Jake, I was walking around the pool, looking up I saw a really big hawk sitting on the wire in our neighbors yard. Grabbing the camera, I took really awful photos of him and watched.

You can see he knew I was watching, note his foot. He sat unmoving as a Blue Jay dive bombed his head, over and over. 4 other small birds flew right in front of him and he moved not one tail feather except to stare at me.

I walked around front to try another view but could not get a better one, to high no sunlight.
I told Bob I am waiting an hour, and if he doesn't move, I will call the wildlife Rescue guy Justin. I think his leg is stuck through the threads of the wire.
Suddenly after 19 minutes of no movement he flew out of my camera in a flash.
Silly thing was after my 2 squirrels .

Below is what my camera got, but with the help of Lunapic art edits I could show his beauty. Hard to believe all this detail was in the below photos.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Hostage Situation

After this posted I realized it is way to long. The short version is.. Our spring broke on the garage door, and we could not get our 2 trucks out for 17 hours... for those who don't have time to read all this blah blah. thanks for stopping by.

Behind these doors, on Thursday night, 10/12 in the year 2017, a hostage situation occurred in our home. At exactly 7:30 AM, Bob went into the garage to close up for the night, I went to wash my face. With water running I heard a LOUD BANG, since we had just watched 3 episodes back to back of Ray Donavan, I thought WAS THAT A GUNS SHOT?
I rushed to the door and said What Was That?
The spring broke on the garage door and dropped it DOWN.
Without a Spring, the 1000 pound door can not be moved by man a lone.

Inside the garage, our two trucks are HELD HOSTAGE, We can't get them out. I grab my Tablet and  said to Google Girl,  'spring on garage door broken' and get LINES of people saying the same thing, I read several articles on how to release our trucks from bondage, watch one video and then go to one of  ads offering to send out a Hostage Negotiator to free the cars. It even had an emergency number, which I called.
The young man listened sympathetically and said, I can send someone between 8 and noon tomorrow.  (I assume if the door was on Bob's foot, that would be an emergency)
The next day at noon, Gaetano the Negotiator freed our trucks within a short 35 minutes by replacing a giant spring, 10 rollers and 2 long cables. The Ransom Paid was $609.00. 

The Rest of the story.... that same day we had attempted to get our flu shots and due to a glitch in computer, came home after waiting 45 minutes. She called just before the door fell and said, it is approved, can you come now? well, no, we go to bed in an hour. we will come at 9 in the morning. She said remember, the flu vaccine disappears quickly. Can you hold 2? No, we are not allowed to hold vaccines. Next day we could not go at 9, I called and she said I think we have enough to last all day... come as soon as you can.  

Guess what? we found a way to slow down the time that has been on fast forward, waiting for him to come and for us to be freed to go, it took 87  hours for 4 hours to pass. We were held hostage by our garage door for SEVENTEEN hours...  all of those hours I spent thinking of things to be thankful for, that the door did not fall on one of us or on the trucks, that we lived where there are negotiators, that we had the money to free the door. Does this count as Friday the 13th since is started on the 12th?

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Eye Ball this

There has been a diVision in our house since Bob's stroke. His vision had blurred in his right eye. For 4 months Bob has made quite the spectacle of himself when I mentioned the words Eye Exam.

Eye prevailed, and dragged him by the hair of his chinny chin chin to the optometrist visit. Apologies if my puns get cornea and cornea...  You all know bad puns are how eye roll....

 Bad News - he has very little sight in the right eye. Good news, he will have 20/20 in the left eye, if he follows the Bad news of removing the cataract.  He thinks it is all Bad News..

Good news is the faxed referral that we thought would take a month, generated a call the NEXT day and an appointment with the surgeon for evaluation on Nov. 1st.

My Good News was the fact the below article was sitting on the desk in front of Me and My Cell Phone.... PLUS I found some cool effects in Lunapic
One Photo, One Post from MADsnapper
Original Cell Pic