Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Who Let The Frogs Out? part 2

Collages by MadSnapper and PicMonkey
What else can I do with FORTY FOTOS of FROGS?

Cuban tree fogs size from 1.5 inches to 5 inches. The male is smaller, much smaller than the female.
The Cuban treefrog, Osteopilus septentrionalis (Figure 1), is native to Cuba, the Isle of Youth (an island province of Cuba also known as Isle of Pines), the Cayman Islands, and the Bahamas

I use a lot of puns, or so I have been toad...sooooo I will just ask you this.

What do you call a lying frog?  An Amfibian... 

Do you know why frogs are so happy? They eat whatever bugs them.

This is a decent post, even though it may not be ribbitting...

can you find 3 frogs? 

Monday, May 21, 2018

Who Let The Frogs Out??

Who let the frogs out?   A Tale of A Three Frog Night!

It all started when the drought broke and we GOT RAIN! Inches of Rain!
The Rain Barrel Over Floweth Type Rain

Picture this! I wake up to the LOUD call of a Cuban Tree frog. It' is 2:45 AM. The rain is beating on the roof like a drum, the back up singers are NOT harmonizing.   The Rain Barrel is under the bedroom and kitchen window. We are getting Stereo Singing.... Even Bob Could Hear This!

The first photo is all I could seen in the dark..... I recorded the NOISE but can't figure out how to get a voice recording on here. TRUST ME! It could easily wake the dead..

I had to wait for the sun to come up because ALL 20 of the photos taken in the dark are to dark to see.  Never Fear, MadSnapper is HERE... The Tale is this.

One Male Frog had found his lady. The other male frog was jealous. I know this because all 3 were screeching, but there was also a tapping sound, like a clicker makes when training a dog.

This went on for SEVEN hours... every hour or so I ran out to take another picture. The lonely male would jump towards the Loving Couple. Each time the male of the couple would make his sides go in and out and make a clicking noise.

I watched as the Loving Couple jumped, from side of barrel to cup, cup to barrel, dove to the bottom to get away from my clicking camera, back to the bucket. the lone male chasing them. I kid you not this went on for 7 solid hours.

Bottom of the container we water plants with. Three Frog NIGHT

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Royal Wedding by MadSnapper

Yesterday I attended the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Megan, via ABC on my Big Screen TV that my husband graciously let me have the remote from 5 AM to 12 noon... I took a few
photos of the TV screen and added a tad of Edits by my self, PicMonkey and Lunapic.

I waited and waited for the carriage ride, my favorite part of the wedding, All those horses and this beautiful couple in the carriage. 
The Bride, Megan
 Two beautiful and to me, very brave women.

Brides Mother

The Royals

Below is the Harry Look when the Bishop kept talking and talking and talking. In my opinion to long for a wedding.
If you missed the wedding, Click HERE for a link to the hour long ceremony... and HERE for amazing photos of wedding and guests